Packaging Box

projects Description

Paper Box ・Cake Box・Corrugated Box

Paper Box

Normal paper box can also have a variety of box shapes to choose from, such as window boxes, match boxes, postal boxes, etc.

Commonly used paper is artcard, and CCNB card. Kraft card can also be used.

Cake Box

We know the styles of each dessert are different, and the packaging needs flexible tailor-made design.

Details such as appearance, internal structure, paper, etc. can be adjusted to create a unique package. A small amount to one can also be customized.

Corrugated Box

Adding corrugated paper to the coloured box can make the structure of the box more solid, heavy and pressure resistant

Commonly used corrugated paper colors are yellow, white, and black, and other colors can also be customized on demand

There are also different thicknesses of corrugated paper to choose from