projects Description

PP photo paper・Foamboard・Forex board・Light flim・Banner

PP photo paper / Foamboard / Forex board

It is suitable for exhibitions, large or small publicity events, wedding banquets or private parties, for publicity and personal use, and can also be added creatively to create a variety of shooting props such as human-shaped board, etc.

Light flim

Light flim are often used in indoor light boxes or light guide plates. It is suitable for light box advertisements in shopping malls and stores for publicity and promotion. The light transmittance is high and the colors are bright and dazzling, which can effectively attract the attention of customers in places with many people.


It is suitable for railings, banners, backdrop decoration, ceremony backdrops, large-scale advertisements, exterior wall advertisements, shopping mall posters, and building site hoardings. The material is strong and durable, the color is durable, can be used many times, and the price is economical, suitable for large-scale display of content.