Why does color difference occur?

The color difference is mainly affected by the printing environment, color value and other factors. During the printing process, the ink will change the color of the printed product due to changes in ambient temperature and humidity. The same document may be printed multiple times before and after may also have a different color depth. The color value refers to the problem of up-conversion in the RGB and CMYK formats of the printed image. The picture is displayed in RGB mode on the screen, and the color is more vivid. The actual printing color mode is CMYK, which simulates the basic four-color performance of printing inks. When converting RGB design drafts to CMYK format, it is easy to cause distorted color problems, so there will be slight color difference between the actual printing effect and the screen display effect. At present, the problem of color difference cannot be completely eliminated in printing technology, and can only be controlled by playing and adjusting colors.